Hey hey hey!

First of all you guys as I’m writing this I am drenched… This smart girl left her umbrella Yaaani… So I get to town and it’s pretty sunny so I quickly get to kencom and today I am feeling courageous enough to stand in line. And yes the line is hella long!

Wait… Apologies for the long silence… And no sijapanda bei ooh sijui uber everywhere… #Javvnation #matatulivesmatter

Where was I πŸ€”……

Ah yes… So I get to the line then it start drizzling… And the ninja in me keeps cheering me on. So it’s about six thirty pm and so I plug in my ear phones and now in the rain with a fire playlist I’m feeling invincible ( please if you saw me shivering… That was not my real face… I AM A STRONG BLACK WOMAN!)

then… This strong wind blows and alas! The rain intensifies but I’m almost at the front of the line and I’m certain I’ll board the next javv

So drenched, the few of us who opted to fight the good fight finally get to board the matatu.

So I sit at the window of the two sitter side… And snack on my pie as other passengers board. ( The pie story…. See next post)

BTW… I’m I the only one who low-key chooses who I want to sit with as they get inπŸ˜‚

So as adjudicator in chief of the seat mate association… I pick this guy… Looks well built and athletic and I’m just there struggling to make eye contact partly praying telepathy plays out to let him know that the sit next to me is specially set for him.

Yaaaaaaaaaaas! He gets the que and now smiling comes to sit next to me. So this is one of those days when I am not feeling chatty so… We just sit there in silence .

So you guys don’t know the definition of stuffy until you are in a javv on a rainy day with drenched people who are too cold to open the windows.

After like ten minutes we finally set off. So I pay my fare as I try to fight of sleep ’cause enyewe after a long day some rain and now a full tummy… I was struggling….

When I was picking buff guy I hadn’t thought through the kastruggle of how we would fit on that chair… So cause I was getting uncomfortable I sat leaning forward on my bag. And gradually drifted

…..I’m not sure if I am excited about this next bit or I’m embarrassed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Good people….πŸ˜‚… When I opened my eyes…. I was shockedπŸ˜……he had stretch out his arm on the upper part of the seat and…. Guess who was safely tucked in his arm?πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

It was I!

And you know with all the confusion we wake up with after a nap…. I was just there smiling sheepishly πŸ™ˆ. And before I could say thank you he got up and alighted πŸ˜‚.

Now I’m home and I’m sure it was not a dream…. Cause everyone was just staring at me until I got to my stage and I was just there awe stuck…. (considering the fact that I have been laughing at people who sleep in javvs)

Perfect stranger was the perfect stranger….

Ps: if you are reading this Mr. Buff guy… We need to talk… #findmymrbuff

Carpe Diem!!


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