Sunny Side Up!- This love hate affair.

​I know I promised it was the last time…

But you were there you saw it all.

I hope you understand that… It wasn’t my decision to make..

But you know I love you .. Right?

Hand! Hand ! Listen…

You know I love you…

But sometimes I have to…

All these crazy thoughts have me feeling so numb…you were there you saw.
All I needed was to feel something…

So the blade was all I knew…

So I know you don’t fancy this abusive relationship we have but its the only way I can feel…

I love you … Cause of how you make me feel…. You’re my sanity

But you know insanity clicks sometimes and I have to curve these lines on you just to remember why I live.

Over the years your tears have turned scarlet red but don’t fret Darling…

Just one last time!


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