Wishes! – Sunny side up.

​I wish I wasn’t so outspoken …cause maybe then…you would understand that there is a scared me behind all this.

I wish I didn’t laugh so often… Cause maybe you’d empathize and not just settle on “aaah she’s having a bad day”

I wish I wasn’t this popular…. Cause maybe then I’d have an honest tag “broken! ” rather than “Slay! Slay!”

I wish the cool captions and comments were what I could soak my bones in….cause maybe just maybe it would feel the emptiness

I wish I could hear the right music when the monsters in my head start to scream.

I wish this was not just some literally works …cause then you’d read between the lines and realize it’s a broken girl reaching out!

But only getting an applause for such great creativity… In portraying the troubles no one except her can fathom.

I wish the sun would stay out…and never have to go cause he was the only one who stayed long enough in her life… And always came back smiling.
I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish that’s right!


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