MATATU CHRONICLES – Life hacks 101

The biggest hustle of being in a Kenyan javv is definitely in the early morning rush hour. Having stood at a stage for soooooo long everyone starts getting impatient and frustrated so there is scramming for the javv then the hustle of  actually getting space in the javv
This morning, I’m running late to meet a home girl of mine and despite it being a Saturday… The hustle still continues😑

So step one …. Ruuuuuun and scramble for that javv … Battle a few people here and there then baaaaam get to the door of the javv

Then… I’m just about to get on and the driver decides he’s going to set off so I frantically cling on to the railing at the door…. One hand on the rail the other clutching my bag cause I could loose it in this fiasco…

Finally run a little to get momentum to jump on and then…pheeeeew! I’m in the javv…
So now here is where your prowess in a javv has got to come through😂😂

The isle is full but you need to grab the rail on the roof to maintain your stability

Yes this rail thingy …..

At the same time you need to ensure that you don’t get stepped on so…here is the test of multitasking.

Kwanza today I’m in open shoes *disaster in progress* 

So I’ve settled in… Eyes on rail … Eyes on the ground …then back and fourth on a loop cause isspart of the hustle.
Theeeeeeeen…. Your reflex has to be super good cause there is always that clamsy person whose body is like jello and they have zero stability so they are likely to bump into you over and over …

Let’s not forget the people of the hands😑…. These ones are the ones who are holding the rail with one hand and have no idea what to do with the other… So their hand keep touching your face and arm “accidentally”!

Then here is one short person * note — I love my short people* who is getting super frustrated cause they can’t reach  out that high so they are just left perfecting the art of surfing hapo!!!

Lastly… The part I really hate… The fact that there is too much… Body contact now you need your elbows out… To protect yourself….

So get this …. One hand up the other elbow out tip toe…then keep ducking once in a while trying to evade the hands people🙌…for about an hour every morning.

Please… If you have noticed a drop in my weight and I told you I was at the gym….ISSALIE!!! #matatucardio

Carpe Diem!!


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