SUNNY SIDE UP! – The State of Mind.

Once upon a time I believed that monsters lived under my bed … But no one ever warned me of the monsters in my head.

Sunny side up they said!

Keep all those sad …mad …crazy thoughts bottled up… They said!

Showing it all out is a sign of weakness so suck it up… They said!

But the monsters in my mind… Ooh one of a kind … Continue to taunt me day by day.

I’m afraid of the terrors of the night and I hope the sun stays up… I pray….

Cause I’m not really sure if this is insanity… Or just uncertainty.. What I’m sure of is the voices … The monsters have these voices … Can you hear them…

They are growing louder …. And I’m screaming I’m drowning can you hear me call out …look into my eyes and tell me you can’t see this…

Or maybe its cause I’m hiding behind this funny side up… I have to put my bright side out… Inhale… Exhale …. Keep that sunny side up!!


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