Hello Hello Hello 🙂

Happy new year !! ( your one month trial of 2018 issover time to start living proper!)

So I recently acquired a reserved seat on a Matatu … * VIP MANENOS*… But it’s one of those Javvs with a driver with endless stories ! If you are reading this… Thanks for making my trips funny…. Matatu exposé coming soon… I have to share the stories I’ve been told! But that’s for another post!!

Anyway… Here is the viiiiiiiiibbbbbbbeeeee!!!

Okay… Here is the story ( I’ll not stretch this)

Recently I’ve javved to places I had never been to by matatu… ( nothing boujee about this though) and there is a whole demarcation of matatu culture with every route I’ve taken.BUT…we can all agree that the music is almost the same
So on Friday I’m on matatu #1 for the day and there is this audio mix playing that is fire🔥🔥( do a fact about me… I lowkey enjoy riddims… Not the creepy vulgar dancehall sort of riddims… More like heart and soul typa riddims)

And I’m really trying to contain myself… Refraining from bobbing my head aki !

And the tout who is doing Monkey business on the railing at the door is singing his heart out! He’s looking at me now …. Probably wondering why I’m not letting the beat take over me 😂. (If you get this reference … You should be married my freeen!)

I’m now just about to get off and the mix is at the Dj drop part ….like…”This is your number one Dj… DJ… Call your Dj on zero…seven..…zero..two…” And off I was!

No battling for space in the next matatu this is a more chilled stage and I quickly get on to the next javv

Funny how the previous mix continued like ” *trumpet sound I think* your Dj on …… Two” 

I was a little too excited I forgot to adjudicate the person I was going to sit next to. Then … She , an elderly lady, turns to me  now singing the songs and along with the DJ’s drop she goes like ” Onnnaaa huyuuuu!!” * I keeeeennnt eveeeen!*

And I’m just there like….

Person on my right side on the other hand… Drunk ! ” Karibu rrrrrrrridim bazzzeee !” He says looking at me. He’s just in his own zone at this point. 

No lie he was singing all those lyrics word for word and on the right key

I’m trying to contain my laughter and also maintain my cool…

But he looks outside …. Squints, then starts telling me about how the matatu is flying… And goes ahead and uses aeronautical term….giving the analogy of how the last time he was in a plane he had to go turn near Ngong hills so he could land!
An honestly this is what I imagined he was seeing …

Then it hit me… I was trying to act all composed and like I was waaaay better …but sometimes you just need to enjoy the little things that bring you joy! Age didn’t limit the person around me… Nor did the situation of the man next to me… So I took a tangent * been waiting my entire mathematics education life to say this 😂😂😂 * and let the music flow … Bobbed my head a bit when I felt like it… In a hush tone … Said “On a Huyu!” When we got to the drop… Because for those few minutes I’d found friends … Who may never remember me😂 but who made my day a little brighter!!

Carpe Diem!!


2 thoughts on “MATATU CHRONICLES IV- Jam session🔥

  1. Goodbye Kenya, UK here I come. But one thing I promise I won’t forget my mother-tongue.

    good work manzeee you always entertaining me.

    kevin blackamn out…

    Liked by 1 person

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